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MEA slams Pakistan PM Imran Khan over remark on minorities in India – Times of India

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NEW DELHI: Reacting to Pakistan PM Imran Khan‘s comments on minorities in India, India said Saturday his comments were an “egregious” insult to all citizens of India.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister has yet again demonstrated his lack of understanding about India’s secular polity and ethos, the government said in a statement. “He overlooks the obvious fact that adherents of all faiths choose to live under the democratic polity and the progressive Constitution of India,” said the MEA statement.

India has eminent leaders of all faiths who occupy its highest constitutional and official positions, said the government. “In contrast, Pakistani citizens of non-Islamic faith are barred from occupying high constitutional offices. The minorities are often turned away from government bodies like the Economic Advisory Council of their Prime Minister, even in ‘naya Pakistan’,” it added.

The government said Pakistan would do well to focus on its domestic challenges and improve conditions of its citizens rather than divert attention. “The Pakistan PM’s attempts to play with minority sentiment in India will be rejected by the people of India,” it said. India’s reaction was in response to reports which quoted Khan as saying,”We will ensure minorities in Pakistan are treated as equal citizens with all rights and privileges unlike how the Muslims are being treated in India as second-class citizens.”

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