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Xi Signs Order to Boost China’s 2 Mln Army Training Efficiency – Report – Sputnik International

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REUTERS / China Daily

The Chinese leader signed regulations to clarify military training methods and the prosecution of wrongdoings in the army amid continuing tensions over the South China Sea dispute.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has signed an order to ramp up training for the two million members of the People’s Liberation Army, according to an Army Technology report.

Chinese military authorities have reportedly deployed inspectors and a new oversight system designed to boost combat readiness.

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Xi, who is chairman of the Central Military Commission, has signed a decree for a new regulation on the supervision of military training, which will take effect on March 1st.

The measures are said to be the first of their kind in the nation’s history.

The new regulations set out measures to “correct practices that are not in line with the requirements of actual combat,” the Army Technology report claims, elaborating criteria that will be used to identify malpractice and discipline violations during the military training of personnel, while strengthening the management of military training.

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The document follows reports of criticism that the Chinese military personnel lack training with rapidly-updated hardware. With a military budget of $175 billion, China invests heavily in re-armament of its PLA and its Navy, the website reads.

The signed order is another step in China’s recent efforts to boost military efficiency, including deploying a networking radar system capable of detecting stealth airplanes, mulling a retrofit of its aircraft carrier with new catapults, and testing ‘carrier-killer’ missiles, among other practices.

These measures come amid continuing tensions in the region, with the US recently conducting a large-scale aviation drill in the Pacific Ocean implementing stealth fighters tasked with breaching enemy defenses during an offensive.

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