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Afghanistan protests to UN on Pakistan's role in Taliban peace talks – Economic Times

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Afghanistan has lodged a strong complaint with the UN Security Council against Pakistan for the latter’s role in recent months in facilitating Taliban negotiations alleging that the process is a violation of sovereignty of the landlocked country.

A strongly-worded complaint was lodged by the Afghan Permanent Mission in New York with UN Security Council, ET has learnt. The Afghanistan government alleged in the letter (dated Feb 15) that Pakistan’s official engagements with Taliban is happening in a manner which is a violation of national sovereignty of Afghanistan.

“These engagements, which are taking place under the pretext of support for peace efforts in Afghanistan, are void of any degree of coordination and consultation with the Government of Afghanistan,” alleges the letter, a copy of which is available with ET.

The Afghan government emphasises in the letter that it supports all efforts at peace provided it conforms to the principle of Afghan ownership and leadership of the process. India, too has espoused, Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.

Referring to the Pak move to invite Taliban delegation to meet PM Imran Khan, the Afghan government in its letter regretted that this amounts to official “recognition and legitimisation of an armed group that poses serious threat to security and stability of Afghanistan”. The letter further alleged that members of the group are sanctioned by the UN Security Council 1988 Committe’s Sanctions Regime.

The Afghan government also suggested that Islamabad should undertake decisive action against terrorist groups on Pak territory which is a threat to Pakistan itself, Afghanistan and wider region. The letter regretted that Pakistan’s passivity in counter-terrorism has profound impact on security of the region.

Incidentally, the letter by Afghan government to the UN Security Council was despatched ahead of Saudi Crown Prince Md Bin Salman’s proposed meeting with the Taliban delegation in Islamabad on Monday.

“Though it is top secret so far, there are strong indications representatives of the Afghan Taliban will meet Prince Salman during their visit of Pakistan on February 18,” one of the Pakistani officials in Islamabad said. But a senior Taliban leader in Qatar said no decision had been made on whether they would meet the crown prince.

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