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Sieging the Muslim region from the East… Getting Muslims to clash with Buddhist, Hindu civilizations… Why don't our opinion leaders form a discourse? – İBRAHIM KARAGÜL – Yeni Şafak English

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There is a topic that has been occupying my mind for a while now. I see that there are not many people interested in these subjects. When there is no interest, when we do not contemplate them, a while later when certain situations are presented to us, we are suddenly flabbergasted.

The matter is whether new projects are being added to the West’s, the Atlantic alliance’s, and the U.S.-Israel axis’s years-long ongoing project to exclude Islam and Muslims from history, to prevent them from becoming a sovereign again, to push them into chaos through occupation and civil wars – and if these do not work, are they going to directly launch an invasion?

Sieging Islam and its region from the East as well?

Is Islam, which is being sieged from the West going to be sieged from the South and the East too now? Are the Buddhists and Hindus going to join in on the attacks directed by the Christian and Jewish far-right too now?

Is Islam going to be turned into a common problem for all civilizations? Are the Buddhist and Hindu civilization going to clash with Islam now too, in addition to the West’s, and Jewish and Christian civilizations’ clashes with Islam?

All threat perceptions and interventions of the Western political mind aimed at the Muslim world, even though it tries to promote this through other discourses, are completely civilization-based.

‘Islam is in conflict with all civilizations’ is the idea being implemented

This mind, which equates Islam with terrorism and imposes the worldwide anti-terror doctrine, but whose own intelligence organizations are behind every terrorist group using the Islamic identity, sees the Muslim world as the sole powerful political theory and threat standing in the way of the West’s global dominance.

As this is the case, a massive plan aimed at sieging the Muslim world from all sides, dragging it into infinite wars among itself, turning all differences and identities into reasons of conflict for these civil wars, and driving the Islamic civilization to conflict with all civilizations of the world is being implemented.

This is the mentality that makes us applaud the massacre of Muslims

This is the mentality that made us applaud the massacre of Muslims at Afghanistan’s Qala-i Jangi in 2001 on a live broadcast. This is the mind that had us insult all values belonging to Islam and us in Abu Ghurayb, and that did this with the love of worship. This is the mind that founded Daesh and threatened the world saying “You are not fighting against Daesh.”

This is the mentality that pillaged Muslim territory by fooling Muslims, sometimes through their own hands. This is the mind that is able to make Muslims lands ready for occupation through terrorist organizations using the Islamic identity.

This is the mind that is able to make us voluntarily be taken hostage by evil symbols, and have our countries pillaged and destroyed. This is the mind that tries to take Turkey hostage through “native invaders” like the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), and replace it with others when it fails.

Don’t pout, don’t undermine it, develop a mentality!

I am not sanctifying or glorifying this mentality or saying that a showdown with it is impossible. I am simply making a call to make our own mentality stand out. I am making a call to activate the millennia-old, ancient wisdom of the region, the Anatolian foresight, and the millennia-old political gene on these lands to take action. I believe we can do this.

I know that this sounds too far-fetched, unimportant for some and that they hence pout. I do not think that those certain groups have a single significant thing to say about the relations between the Muslim world and the East and West since the Cold War ended. I already know that they have no mental efforts other than understanding the invasion of Iraq through Saddam Hussein, the collapse of Libya through Muammar Gaddafi, and Afghanistan through Taliban.

What is happening in our region, the developments and trends in the East and the West, and the new situations on the global power map, makes it easier for us to understand this project that prioritizes both the Islamic civil war, and the siege of Islam and the Muslim world from all corners of the globe.

Muslims’ quest for justice, West’s strategic desires

Those shifting the war to the heart of Islam and those building a war between the Christian-Jewish civilization and Islam are using local problems for the preparations of a conflictive future between Eastern civilizations and Islam. They are building walls of infinite conflicts between China (the Buddhist civilization) and the Muslim world, and India (the Hindu civilization) and the Islamic world.

Those organizing Muslim-Christian and Muslim-Animist clashes in the depths of Africa are now provoking both China and India. They are using Muslims’ religious teachings, beliefs, and quest for justice for their own strategic desires. They are turning Muslims’ sensitivities into bullets.

Will China, India join the West’s doctrine of war against Islam?

Note how incidents in Kashmir recently erupted again. Pakistan was given a diplomatic note while dozens of Indian soldiers died. Why would anyone trigger an India-Pakistan war? But this is not going to remain as a problem between Pakistan and India alone.

While the legitimacy of the Kashmir case is obvious, Pakistan turning toward China, and a rapport between the U.S., India and Israel, forms a convenient ground for this project. This highlights that there may be objectives beyond the Kashmir issue.

Additionally, opportunities are being prepared for China to exacerbate the Chinese massacre that has been ongoing in East Turkestan for years. Unfortunately both China and India have swallowed the bait, and are being dragged into the West’s war against Islam.

Why don’t Muslim thinkers form a discourse?

Let us look at it from our point of view. The Muslim world being in conflict with the East, the West and the south is actually not our choice. They are selling this off as Muslims’ “conflictive identity.” Unfortunately they are able to sell it to even us.

Of course our local problems are very important, and extremely sensitive. However, while the 21st century prepares for centuries-long changes, while a major and long-term fight is going on over the global power map, I suggest that we go beyond local crises and pay attention to the project surrounding the Muslim world from all corners. The obligation of Muslim thinkers to produce theories and discourses in this area more so than politicians is clearly obvious.

We have no choice but to rise in power. We don’t have the luxury of abandoning Turkey

It is in such a period that we are living in the most chaotic region of the world. In this region, which all civilizations and identities claim a right, we have no option but to rise in power. Turkey is trying to achieve this and is hence under heavy attacks. This is why we have no other option than to support Turkey’s fight. We have no luxury of abandoning the country. We do not have much time to take action against the West that is declaring the Muslim world as the common problem. We have no other path to take than the revival of the region!

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