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Who is Sheikh Rashid, Pakistan's war mongering minister? – India Today

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Pakistan rail minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad created quite a flutter on Twitter on Tuesday as he went on with his rant against India, threatening to blind the neighbour if it dares to look its way. But who is this man who is also known as ‘Sheeda Tully’ in Pakistani circles?

Those aware of the Pakistani political quarters often prefer referring to Sheikh Rashid as ‘Sheeda Tully’.

On Tuesday, he issued a warning to India in a video message on Twitter. In the message, Sheikh Rashid goes back to throwing some heavy words in India’s way. He said, “Na phir chidiya chehkayengi, na mandiro mein ghantiya bajegi (Neither will birds chirp, nor will bells ring at the temples after that).”

Sheikh Rashid did not end at that and went on to sound like he is boasting about Pakistan “using” terrorists. In a second tweet, he wrote: “do u still remember ur terrorist spy Kulbushan yadev..? Now u can see what we can do with terrorist (sic)”.

Minister Sheikh Rashid is known for his colourful rhetoric as he mixes his statements with pop culture and one-liners that are often found crass, say Pakistani media reports.

Recently, he was seen munching on a chicken leg piece even as Prime Minister Imran Khan sat hosting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

In another video that has been shared widely on Twitter, Pakistani journalists can be seen walking out of Sheikh Rashid’s press conference even as he sits on stage pleading. Some of the journalist walk back to him and question him about Pakistan gagging media outlets and curbing press freedom and then organising press conferences.

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