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India-Pakistan war? Well, why now? Sieging the Muslim world from the East. Don't get upset, I am trying to say something – İBRAHIM KARAGÜL – Yeni Şafak English

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The Muslim world should not fight India and be dragged into a future of clashes.

The Muslim world should not fight China and be dragged into a world of clashes.

The Muslim world should not fall for the West’s ruthless invasion project, its trap to siege the Muslim world from the Atlantic shores to the Pacific, to get it to fight among itself, to weaken those civilizations by weaponizing Muslims and re-establishing its global domination, and both carry out a war against Islam and use Muslims as a weapon to weaken its rivals.

The Muslim world should build its own power sphere

Instead of being marred by local conflicts, disputes, anger, discord, and weaknesses, the Muslim world should busy its mind with great projects that will shape the 21st century, and think about how it can build its own future, build its own power sphere. If it fails to do this, it will certainly lose this century. It will continue to be fighting a chaos similar to that of the Middle East today in the 22nd century as well.

Are you following the crisis between India and Pakistan? Ever since Pakistan declared its independence from India, there have been wars between the two nuclear powers, and at times there were no wars, there have always been low-intensity conflicts, showdowns through organizations, and covert intelligence operations. The armament of both countries, their military doctrine were all formed based on this enmity and conflict. Nuclear armament is also included in this.

With what aim will the India-Pakistan war be waged?

However, the events that have taken place in the last month carry meanings outside this scope. There were first attacks in Iran, and the part of Kashmir that is in India. The Iranian revolutionary guards and Indian troops were targeted. Pakistan was held responsible for the terrorist attacks targeting both sides.

Then, Indian jets entered Pakistan’s airspace, downing two jets. Pakistan closed off its entire airspace. India also closed its airports in the area. They were almost on the verge of a total war in one week. Whereas, there was no qualms bringing these two countries to the verge of war so fast.

My theory is different:

This is not an India-Pakistan crisis

Yes, this may be considered an attempted “punishment” against Pakistan leaving U.S. control and its rapprochement with China. It may have been desired to be cornered and asked to surrender. A very serious nuclear threat through terrorism, through proxy operations can engulf all of South Asia hostage, and this would mean the strengthening of the West and undercutting Asia.

But my theory is totally different. There is no difference between the scenarios attempted and applied in our region, neighboring region, and as a matter of fact, against Turkey for the last three decades, and the trap laid against Pakistan. And this is not something confined to the areas of weakness between India and Pakistan. Weaknesses are only a tragic situation that are exploited to apply greater scenarios, which our region could never understand.

Sieging the Muslim region from the East,

Getting Muslims into a civilizational war with the Buddhist, Hindu world

In the theory under the headline, “Sieging the Muslim region from the East. Getting Muslims to clash with Buddhist, Hindu civilizations,” I had written the following to draw attention to the new great threat for us and the world:

Is Islam, which is being sieged from the West going to be sieged from the South and the East too now? Are the Buddhists and Hindus going to join in on the attacks directed by the Christian and Jewish far-right too now?

Is Islam going to be turned into a common problem for all civilizations? Are the Buddhist and Hindu civilization going to clash with Islam now too, in addition to the clashes of Western, Jewish and Christian civilizations with Islam?

Watch out for Turkestan’s eastern border!

All threat perceptions and interventions of the Western political mind aimed at the Muslim world, even though it tries to promote this through other discourses, are completely civilization-based.


Immediately after, on Feb. 21, I drew attention to the preparations at the Chinese border with the headline, “Protecting Turkestan’s eastern borders!”

The West’s “age of intervention through terrorism” is completely an age of fighting against Islam. Unless the “Muslim Central Zone” is back under Western control, a new global domination will not be in question for them. Perhaps this is the first time they are face-to-face with losing this control.

Sieging from the West, cornering from the East

This is why, when re-invading the Muslim region, while trying to tread over Islam’s opposition discourse, they discovered a miraculous method such as using Muslims as a weapon against other civilizations. And unfortunately, while doing this, they are using the Muslim world’s fury and noble areas of struggle, in addition to weaknesses and sensitivities.

Igniting a Pakistan-India war in this new world is to trigger a civilization war in the East. It might not have been like this in the 20th century, but it is now. This is the new meaning of the current crisis beyond the general problems between the two countries.

This would be a war of destruction.

Don’t be upset, I am trying to say something.

Both Pakistan and India have their own justifications for such a war. But this war is one of destruction. Such a war is the implementation of a “Western theory” aimed at setting the Muslim world’s eastern borders on fire, and making Islam the joint problem of all civilizations.

I know that the theory, “The Muslim world should not clash with India and China, Muslims should not be dragged into a conflict-ridden world,” makes many angry and is perceived as a betrayal. The Kashmir issue is out in the open, and so is the East Turkestan issue. I hear you ask, “So, are we not going to defend these?”

It is not like that. Of course we are going to defend them. But in our own language, with our own struggle.

How are these connected to February 28 and July 15?

Do you know what the biggest smack down is? Your own cause being used by another power as a weapon adjusted to destroy you, being turned into a means in a showdown between other powers. This is what I am trying to explain.

This is how the global fight against terrorism was implemented. This is how Afghanistan was invaded. This is how Iraq was ruined. This is how the Syrian war was promoted.

Also, do you know what? February 28 was such an intervention. The July 15 attack was an attack perpetrated with this aim.

All I want is for us to only open our minds…

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