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Pakistani Twitter handles explode with airstrike 2.0 speculation – India Today

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Twitter exploded on Monday afternoon with speculation that Indian Air Force (IAF) has carried out another airstrike, this time across the International Border (IB) in Pakistan’s Punjab.

It began with villagers reporting loud bangs in an area near Fort Abbas, in the Cholistan desert in Pakistan’s Bahawalpur district.

Villagers from the Indian side of the border confirmed the same. Photographs and a video emerging from the site showed some metal parts that looked like artillery shells. Speculation began about a possible Indian Air Force incursion.

Individuals on Twitter, especially from Pakistan, said on the micro-blogging site that Indian Air Force or Army has carried out another strike in Pakistan near Fort Abbas, citing unconfirmed sources and a viral video.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) released a statement shortly, denying the role of IAF in today’s incident.

The official statement said the blast was a result of an explosion caused by Pakistani aircraft dropping extra fuel tanks in the area. “No cross border violation took place,” the statement added.

Before the official statement was released, many Twitter users from Pakistan fuelled speculation that IAF had a role in today’s blast near Fort Abbas, situated 100 kilometers from Jaish-e-Mohammed headquarters in Bahawalpur.

In fact, some Pakistani news portals even put out this information citing unverified sources.

“Breaking flash unconfirmed either IAF or Indian army via artillery has bombed Pakistan fort Abbas about 100kms west of Bahawalpur, JEM headquarters,” wrote a Pakistani Twitter user.

Some even shared fake videos and pictures, claiming that fragments from the IAF strike had been spotted on the ground.

Several journalists from the international media also started tweeting about the incident, citing unverified sources from Pakistan.

Circulation of fake posts has increased in the wake of escalating tension between India and Pakistan. However, many also called out to social media users for showing restraint on social media to avoid creating panic.

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