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India on HIGH ALERT as supersonic Pakistani F-16 fighter jets enter Line of Control – Express.co.uk

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Loud bangs were heard in the area due to the supersonic aircraft, it was reported. The blast reportedly created panic among civilians and caused minor damage to some structures. The jets were spotted 10km from the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, the fighter jets were not shot down because they stayed within Pakistani-controlled territory, according to senior officials.

Tensions between the two nuclear powers have escalated since the Indian Air Force targeted an alleged Jaish-e-Mohammed training camps in Pakistan’s Balakot last month.

The attack resulted in India announcing it had targeted an alleged militant base in Balakot as a strike against “non-civilian and non-military targets with clear intent not to cause any damage to life or infrastructure”.

The two have been shelling and firing with heavy arms at each other ever since.

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Pakistan has also claimed to have deployed their army across the LoC.

A Pakistan Army official told Hindustantimes: “We have confirmed reports that PAF’s F-16 acquired from both US and Jordan are on high alert all along India-Pakistan border—from Hyderabad in Sindh to Skardu in Northern Areas.

“The Pakistan Army deployment including radars and air defence system along the LoC was strengthened immediately after the February 14 Pulwama attack as they expected Indian retaliation similar to that of the surgical strike.”

Trade across the LoC has allegedly been suspended after the Pakistan Air Force violated India’s air space by targeting military positions on February 27.

Pakistan claimed to have downed two Indian Air Force jets and capture their pilots.

The capture led tensions to escalate further.

The country later released one of the pilots on March 1 in “a peace gesture”.

Tensions arose when Pakistan-based Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammad targeted 40 Indian paramilitary police on February 14.

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