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Gov. Inslee honors organ donors, urges others to become donors – KTVL

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by Keith Eldridge | KOMO News

Gov. Inslee honors organ donors, urges others to become donors (KOMO photo)

An urgent call is going out from the governor for you to join the “givers of life” and be an organ donor. He joined dozens of families Thursday whose loved ones in death provided life to others.

Plenty of mixed emotions as people gathered to sadly honor the memory of their loved ones, but also to happily honor the gift of life. Governor Inslee and wife Trudi say they know personally how important donors are. Their son can now see because of a cornea transplant.

He is urging everyone to spread the word about becoming a donor. “To let people know what a treasure it is, how honored it is for a family to be in this roll call of heroism.”

A total of 122 names of organ donors this past year alone. It included the name of Michele Ramsey, found unconscious at home after a complication with severe asthma and died 9 days later. “My wife died very suddenly,” said husband Chris.

But her organs, corneas and tissue live on in many recipients. “Nothing will bring her back, but to be able to have this as part of her passing makes it at least somewhat more meaningful.”

Chris says the important thing is to let your family and the medical staff know your intentions by simply checking the donor box when you first get or renew your driver’s license.

He says it gives others a new life. “And now just knowing my wife has given that to someone else, you have to do it.” he said. “You absolutely have to because you’re given such power in death to save people’s lives. It’s remarkable.”

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