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New social app puts efforts to revolutionize the global social sector – Deccan Chronicle

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Underlining its commitment to transforming the global social sector and creating a larger social impact by driving tech-led social entrepreneurship, SociallyGood, the world’s first online marketplace for social work, has launched its dedicated mobile app. Through the launch, SociallyGood aims to facilitate seamless, on-the-go engagement for social work by connecting the key stakeholders of the social sector such as non-profit organizations, corporate organizations, beneficiaries, and individual donors and volunteers.

What makes the development particularly revolutionary is the use of technology to deliver unparalleled efficiencies in search, allocation, trust, and monitoring & evaluation for the social sector. SociallyGood employs innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence in its unique and robust platform, leveraging over 10-point solutions to simplify aspects such as fundraising, volunteering, donations, events, CSR partnerships, and beneficiary management etc.

Speaking on the need for such a solution in the social sector, Bhaskar Enaganti, Founder – SociallyGood, said, “Social work is a challenging task for all stakeholders. Individuals and teams running non-profits often end up investing their personal capital and energies to run and sustain their good work, but frequently have their reach and visibility restricted due to geographical limitations and poor recall. Similarly, donors and volunteers, whether individual or from CSR teams, have very few credible sources that connect them to social causes matching their interests and location. As the world’s first online marketplace for social work, SociallyGood addressed this massive need-gap through state-of-the-art technology. Our mobile app makes it extremely convenient for volunteers, donors, beneficiaries, corporate players, and social entrepreneurs to connect with likeminded people and organizations.”

The SociallyGood mobile app currently allows donors and volunteers to discover and engage with social causes of their interest through donation and volunteering. ‘Karma Points’ accumulated through contributions incentivize individuals to strengthen their ‘Social Karma Profile’ and inspire others to join the cause. The app also helps corporate companies to discover relevant non-profits aligned with the UNDP-SDGs (United Nations Development Programme – Sustainable Development Goals), as well as their individual CSR goals and provides reliable data about the progress and impact of their social campaigns.

The platform also enables NGOs and social entrepreneurs to create, manage, and drive their social campaigns in a cost-efficient manner across multiple online channels. By removing physical limitations through digital fundraising and volunteering campaigns, SociallyGood helps them increase their reach on the donor and volunteer fronts. Non-profits can also assign diverse roles to volunteers, based on their individual skills and availability, to ensure emotional/functional alignment and maximizing the on-ground impact of social initiatives. Beneficiaries can also share their feedback on the app to address the issues of trust, transparency, and credibility.

SociallyGood plans to soon introduce newer features such as case management, monitoring & evaluation, program management on its platform, apart from releasing dedicated APIs for popular accounting, HR, and CRM packages.

“Our model is highly scalable and allows non-profits to attract new volunteers and gain more donations at lower costs, while also enabling them to showcase the last-mile impact of their various social initiatives to improve transparency and reporting of outcomes. This is particularly beneficial for corporate entities, as it allows them to accurately gauge if the impact of their social programs are aligned with the stated sustainability and CSR goals. We have already brought several domain-leading NGOs on board our platform and plan to aggressively drive our growth post our Series A funding round. We have received keen interest from top institutional and individual investors for the same,” Bhaskar Enaganti added.

With its 30-member team comprising top domain professionals, SociallyGood already has over 90 clients in India and the US, including prominent names such as CRY, Youth for Seva, Samartha Bharatha, HonourPoint, and Sewa International. The platform aims to expand its operational footprint in India, the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa over the next three years to help thousands of non-profit organizations benefit from its unique social model.

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