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Crowd Machine and GoodSocial Use No-Code Development Platform to Build App Connecting Nonprofits with Volunteers and Donors – PRNewswire

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SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Crowd Machine today announced it has partnered with GoodSocial to develop a novel application connecting nonprofits with volunteers and donors in shared communities. Crowd Machine’s no code development platform and turnkey hosting allowed the project to be completed more quickly than traditional application developments. 

“We’re very excited to partner with the innovative team at Crowd Machine,” said CEO and Founder of GoodSocial Trisha Bright. “We strive to make it as easy as possible for citizens to engage with nonprofits in their community. We see that same mindset in Crowd Machine, who make it as easy as possible for anyone to develop apps by completely removing the code barrier.”

The GoodSocial application matches users with nonprofits for volunteer opportunities, donations and online dialogue. GoodSocial users create a “Social Impact Profile” where they can record and share the good they do. Users can also make social posts that can be shared across other social media platforms, allowing users to advocate for the causes they care about. Nonprofits create a profile sharing their organization’s mission, and the platform recommends the nonprofits to users correlated with their location and interests.

GoodSocial uses Crowd Machine to deliver a better experience to its network. With fully-managed hosting services, the platform is efficient and easy to use.

“Crowd Machine has allowed us to come to market with a sophisticated application with prompt response times pushing updates quickly which has provided our nonprofit partners the adaptability they seek,” said Chief Impact Officer and Co-founder of GoodSocial Tulin Melton. “They’ve helped us see our ideas come to life in a matter of weeks. They’ve been a huge driver of helping us maximize community involvement.”

GoodSocial works with nonprofits ranging from local community programs to large national organizations. With 45 nonprofits currently using the platform, GoodSocial continues to expand its footprint in communities in eight states. 

“Our goal is to eliminate the code and hosting complexity problem, which enables anyone to bring an app to market in record time, and we are honored to help GoodSocial see their vision actualized,” said CEO of Crowd Machine Craig Sproule. “We want to continue to use our platform to work with inventive organizations like GoodSocial who are fostering positive change in communities.”

About Crowd Machine
Crowd Machine is the leading enterprise-grade, no-code app development platform. By eliminating complexity and bringing data to life, Crowd Machine empowers businesspeople to get applications built and running in record time and at lower cost, so businesses can invent, perform and win. For more information, please visit www.crowdmachine.com.

About GoodSocial
GoodSocial is a marketplace for social impact that makes it easy for volunteers, donors and nonprofits to collaborate in the communities they share. GoodSocial’s mission is to maximize the amount of good that can be done to improve lives and communities. GoodSocial is open to nonprofit and individual users at www.goodsocial.com.

SOURCE Crowd Machine

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