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Khaadi Goes 100% Digital with Tukatech Fashion Technology – PRNewswire

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Previously the Khaadi design team worked manually. They drafted patterns by hand on paper and assessed design and fit with physical samples. Saira Shamoon, Fashion Design Department Head for Khaadi explains, “There was a lot of human error. When it went into production, we saw a lot of fit and grading issues.” Shamoon attributes these issues to the minute differences in the “hand” of each designer. These small differences translate to bigger disparities in bulk production.

With a vision to expand Khaadi into new global markets, the IT team also saw a need for more robust infrastructure in the design department. “Growing globally requires scalability,” asserts Rehan Qadri, Khaadi’s Chief Technology Officer. “Scalability requires lower lead times, higher levels of technology, and higher levels of automation.” For this reason, Khaadi initiated a digital transformation in their design studio.

Now the fashion designers work from graded digital pattern blocks in TUKAcad. This frees them to make style line changes without disturbing the fit. Since every style comes from the same blocks, fit is more consistent between styles. In addition, the fashion designers simulate their styles in TUKA3D. They understand how each garment will drape and fit with real-time motion simulation.

The draped silhouettes become like digital “blanks” for Khaadi’ s textile designers to visualize their artwork. They arrange repeats, placement prints, and embroideries on the 3D sample. Then each department reviews the full collection digitally on TUKAcloud, before any physical samples are made.

Since design evaluations now happen virtually, the team makes decisions quickly without wasting resources. Shamoon details, “We’ve reduced the army of people we had to hire to do pattern-making, cutting, sewing, printing, and embroidery just to see a sample.”

Both Shamoon and Qadri are excited to use TUKAcloud as a web-based digital sample-room. According to Qadri, “The designers focus on the creativity, rather than getting involved with administrative or operational issues.” Shamoon echoes, “TUKAcloud enables the designers to work on their own time and share ideas quickly. They focus on the creative end more than get stuck up in meetings.”

Savannah Crawford, Chief Collaborator for Tukatech, explains, “One challenge that comes with a digital design process is to keep all the files and communication organized. TUKAcloud serves as a centralized hub for all the digital samples across Khaadi’s different departments, as well as the associated technical files, and design elements.” The designers then use TUKAcloud as an asset library and reference point for new style ideas.

Tukatech’s team of fashion technology experts trained Khaadi’s design team on-site. After the completion of training, each designer received a certificate of proficiency and achievement.

The Khaadi designers have embraced their new digital workflow. Shamoon is please to say the inconsistencies from manual pattern-making are no longer an issue for the designers. “They see the flexibility in it, the possibilities in it, and the correctness in the technology.”

About Khaadi: In 1998, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shamoon Sultan, set out to revive the ancient craft of the handloom and popularize the traditional medium in a contemporary manner. What began as a single store startup in Karachi, Pakistan has quickly transformed into a robust brand with international presence.  Khaadi, an Urdu word which means “hand-woven,” has stayed true to its name and continues to produce a fusion of styles to complement both the East and West, while still using hand-woven fabrics on selected products. For more information visit: https://www.khaadi.com/

About Tukatech, Inc.: Tukatech is the garment and apparel industry’s leading provider of end-to-end fashion technology solutions. Founded in 1995 by garment-industry veteran Ram Sareen, Tukatech offers award-winning 2D pattern making, grading, and marker making software, automated marker making software, 3D sample making/virtual prototyping software, as well as garment plotters, and automatic spreaders and cutters for production. All systems include unlimited training, consulting, process engineering, and implementation of our technologies. The capability of Tukatech’s technology remains unparalleled in the fashion industry. For more information visit: https://tukatech.com/

CONTACT: tukateam@tukatech.com, 323-726-3836

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