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Army’s Northern Command Chief presides over military exercise in Eastern Ladakh – The New Indian Express

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Presiding over an important integrated joint exercise of the Army, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, Chief of Army’s Northern Command evinced confidence that the command will excel in combat, should conflict be forced upon. The exercise which included mechanized forces was conducted in super high altitude area in Eastern Ladakh.

The official communiqué of the northern command said, “Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, GoC in C witnessed an exercise by integrated troops of all arms and services in Super High Altitude area in Eastern Ladakh today. He was briefed on the conduct of the exercise by Lieutenant General YK Joshi, General Officer Commanding, Fire & Fury Corps.

The exercise encompassed employment of mechanised forces with force multipliers integrating high technology platforms.”

It was in the Eastern Ladakh that the Indian and Chinese army troops were involved in a face-off last Wednesday morning while an Indian Army patrol was moving in the northern bank of Pangong Tso lake when Chinese troops objected to their presence.

But the Indian Armymen stood their ground as they were within India’s territory.

The troops disengaged by evening that day after a delegation-level talk was held. The sources attributed the face-off due to the difference in perception of the position of the LAC.

Complimenting the commanders and troops for the outstanding display of professional competence and warfighting capability in extreme terrain and altitude conditions, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh stated that he was fully confident that Northern Command will continue its legacy of excelling in combat, should a conflict be forced upon the nation.

He also remarked that with the induction of new weapon systems and high tech equipment, the capability and lethality of the Indian Army was progressively improving each passing day. Army Commander called upon all ranks to remain vigilant and maintain a high order of operational readiness.

India shares 3488 km of the border with China of which 1595 km runs along the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The differing perceptions related to the position of LAC have often been the reason for incidents between the two.

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