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Pakistan's hidden agenda behind Kartarpur corridor exposed by residents – ANI News

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Islamabad [Pakistan] Nov 16 (ANI): Pakistanis have exposed Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi”>Imran Khan Niazi and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa‘s hidden agenda behind the opening of Kartarpur corridor.
While speaking on a street talk show by Naya Pakistan, a YouTube channel, people said the opening of Kartarpur corridor is a well-planned strategy to woo Sikhs to fuel anti-India sentiments.
When a reporter asked an old man about how Imran Khan earned praise by former Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Navjot Singh Sidhu on their visit to Kartarpur Sahib’s opening ceremony, he replied: “Pakistan wants world peace and this is the significance of Islam.”
He continued saying: “There are 14 crore Sikhs, one crore Kashmiris and 30 crore Muslims in India. Sikhs will be with us as we have given them an honour on this occasion. PM Imran Khan and the whole of Pakistan have given respect to them. General Bajwa and Pakistan Army have warmly welcomed them. God willing, they (the Sikhs) will be with us in the war (against India).”
In his very satirical way, the old man added: “Time has come to teach Modi a lesson. God willing, 45 crore people in India and 20 crore people in Pakistan, will teach Modi a lesson. The name of Hindus will be erased from the world. This is a big achievement of General Bajwa and Imran Khan. No one thought about this. We have extended friendship with the Sikhs, and God willing, Sikhs are with us and they will stand with us during `Jihad’ or holy war”.
Another resident said that this initiative by Imran Khan has made him popular among Sikhs in India. He said: “It has happened for the first time that Pakistani flags are being hoisted in India”.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Kartarpur corridor and flagged off the first batch of pilgrims to the Kartarpur Sahib on November 9, 2019.
A batch of about 570 devotees from India visited Kartarpur Sahib for the first time after the partition in 1947. The batch included former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh, besides MPs, Ministers, MLAs and one representative from each state of the country.
Many experts in India have said that Pakistan will use the Kartarpur corridor to promote Khalistan terror.
India has in its dossier shared a detailed list of events between 2016 and 2019 that were orchestrated by Khalistani elements.
India has said that the four annual Indian Sikh Jathas who visit important gurdwaras in Pakistan every year under a bilateral protocol to visit religious shrines (1974) have been regularly subjected to anti-India propaganda during their visit against the spirit of the protocol and in complete subversion of the objective of the noble bilateral arrangement. (ANI)

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