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Pakistan hai Narakistan! – The Northlines

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Omkar Dattatray

The land of so called ‘pure’ has turned into hell for the minorities in Pakistan. The birth of Pakistan state is the result and practice of the two nation theory. Pakistan’s founder Mohmmad Ali Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a secular state but that was not so as the very birth of the state led to the theocratic state. The founder of Pakistan Jinnah will be at unease in the heaven on hearing about the theocratic state of Pakistan. Ever since the creation of Pakistan it has been running as Islamic state but calls itself a democratic nation which actually it is not. The state of Pakistan has become a Narakistan for minorities whose life is worse than a hell. They are being discriminated in every walk of life and atrocities are being committed against minorities. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs etc are being discriminated against in different fields. Day in and day out serious cases of human  rights violations are being committed and same is reported while others are hidden. Minorities like Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians are second class citizens in Pakistan. There is no religious freedom in Pakistan for these minorities and they are forced not to perform religious rites. The blasphemy laws continued to be used to persecute individuals and enable human rights abuses in Pakistan. Armed groups carried out attacks on religious communities, and sectarian organizations incited hatred against religious minority groups with impunity. In September last year, Nautan Lal, a school principal in Ghotki was charged with blasphemy after a mob, riled up by a religious leader, vandalized a local Hindu temple and attacked properties owned by the Hindu community. Pakistan cannot be prosperous until its citizens get all their fundamental rights without any discrimination based on race, class and creed.  Religious freedom in Pakistan is for names sake only while in practice there is no such freedom as the people belonging to other faiths than Islam are forced to not follow their religious customs. Under the rule of Imran Khan who infact is a puppet Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Hindus, Sikhs and Christian girls are forced to marry Muslim boys and are forcibly converted to Islam. This is the worst kind of Human Rights Violations. Recently a Sikh girl and now a Hindu girl was forced to marry Muslim boys and were converted to Islam against their wish and will. This is a shame for the Pakistani State and its leaders. AS the Hindu and Sikh girls are forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim boys, they have no option but to migrate to India for saving their dignity, honor and purity. Thus many Hindu, Sikhs and Buddhists families migrate to India and like to remain here and are reluctant  to go their country. It is for such citizens that CAA was enacted but the so called secularists are making a mountain out of a mole heed and this is very unfortunate. Taxes are lieved on the minorities in Pakistan and many atrocities are committed on them. What to talk of Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist minorities, it is very disturbing that Imran Government is not worried about the lives of its own citizens who are in China and are facing threat of the Corona Virus and want to come back to Pakistan. But Imran Government does not come to their rescue. India has offered to help Pakistan in rescuing its citizens in China but that country declines Indian help. Such is the psyche of Pakistani nation of leaders. When Pakistan is not concerned about its own Muslim citizens and how can we expect ot have some human feeling for the minorities of Pakistan. In brief minorities in Pakistan are living a life worse than in hell and that is the reason of heading ‘Pakistan Hain Narakistan’. In fact Pakistan has become a hell for its minorities who are giving life under perpetual threat and disgrace to their lives and still that country raises the issue of false Human Rights Violation in Kashmiri Muslims and rest of India on the Muslims. That country and its leaders should be ashamed of its own worst record of Human Rights Violations.

(The writer is a retired education officer and columnist)

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