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Arnab Goswami is angry with Pakistan & Sudhir Chaudhury calls out ‘vultures of journalism’ – ThePrint

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New Delhi: Prime time Monday was a toss up between Pakistani spies, Delhi government’s decision to open hospitals to people of other states, chaos on day 1 of ‘Unlock 1.0’ and the Northeast Delhi riots also made a comeback. Oh and Home Minister Amit Shah continued to grace TV screens with his interviews.

Perhaps, the migrant worker crisis is now a topic gone stale?

Republic’s anchor Arnab Goswami was hot and bothered while debating news of two Pakistan High Commission officials caught by Indian authorities for espionage and believed to be working for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The debate follows a predictable dichotomy — Brigadier Haris Nawaz (Retd.) from the Pakistani Army and Maj. Gen. G D Bakshi (Retd.) from the Indian Army were pitted against each other. Bakshi criticised the Pakistan High Commission in India as a “brigid (brigade) for subversion, sabotage and espionage”.

And Goswami, on his part, was humming the same tune as Bakshi. At one point, he continually asked, “Is Abid Hussain (one of the Pakistani diplomats) a Pakistani or not… it’s simple?” If it were only that simple, Mr Goswami.

On Times Now, Navika Kumar called the #ChinaBoycottDebate, advocated by those looking for a self-reliant India, a “movement”, when really it’s just a trending hashtag.

The channel managed a surprisingly sombre debate between education reformist Sonam Wangchuk and FICCI Secretary-General Dilip Chenoy. Fun fact: Sonam Wangchuk was the inspiration behind the 2009 blockbuster movie ‘3 Idiots’.

Kumar, however, went off into tangent after tangent and at one point even asked Wangchuk, if he thought “there is a separation between diplomatic, strategic and economic issues”. We’re confused.

Home Minister Amit Shah continued his slew of interviews with Hindi news channels.

News18 India’s Rahul Joshi brought up the India-China standoff in Ladakh in his interview with Shah — “China sach mein ghuspetiye ki tarah ghus aaya hai, iss ko kitni ghambirta se le rahe hai,” (China has entered India like an intruder, how seriously are you taking this?)

Shah informed that talks were on at diplomatic and military levels but also clarified, “Modi sarkar humaren simaon ek keechat matra bhi samjhota nahi karegi, hum iski raksha ke liye khade rahenge,” (Modi sarkar won’t compromise even a little bit, will stand for our protection). We feel safer already.

In a surprising movie, Joshi asked a question related to anti-CAA protests in the capital and the Northeast Delhi riots, “Kya aapko aisa lagta hai ki sarkar ki taraf se koi kami reh gayi thi communication mein ya aap isko ek saajish ki tarah dekhte hai,” (Do you think the government faltered in communicating, or do you look at this as a conspiracy).

But Shah gave a rather rehearsed response  — “CAA ke andar ke bhi provision aisa nahi hai ki woh kisi ki citizenship le le,” (CAA will not strip anyone of their citizenship).

On Aaj Tak Anjana Om Kashyap brought a ground report of the chaos that ensued on the first day of ‘Unlock 1.0’.

Kashyap revealed, “Aaj yeh faisla liya gayi ki dilli, UP, Haryana ke borders seal kar diye jaayenge. Aise mein jam kar raajnetic vivaad shuru ho gaya,” (It was decided that Delhi would seal its borders with UP and Haryana, there was a great political row over this).

As usual the common man found themselves to be at the mercy of this confusion, Kashyap said, “Lekin piss toh rahe the woh aam log jo rajdhani ki sadkon par pahuch gaye the Haryana aur UP se,” (The common people who came to Delhi from UP and Haryana were stuck).

Zee News’ Sudhir Chaudhary was reminded of the North East Delhi riots in February this year. Uh oh.

Chaudhary also remembered that US President Donald Trump was visiting Delhi at the time — “Tab humare desh mein bethe tukde tukde gang, designer patrikar poora zor laga rahe ki Trump keh de ki woh Bharat ki stithi ko lekar chintit hai,” (At the time, the tukde tukde gang and designer journalists tried hard to get Trump to say that he was worried about India’s situation).

And then Chaudhary swooped in, “Hum aise logon ko patrikarita ke gidd kehte hai,” (We call these people the vultures of journalism).

He brought in the context of the death of George Floyed and the protests that ensued in the US after it, “Ab jab America mein dange ho rahe hai, yeh sab shant hai?” (Now that there are riots in America, they are quiet?)

Then he contradicted himself, “Ab yeh isko use kar ke Bharat ke Daliton aur Musalmano ko bhadka rahe hai,” (Now they are using this to instigate Dalits and Muslims in India). Not very ‘quiet’ of them then, is it?

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