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Narendra Modi, the ‘face saver’? Whose face is the question – National Herald

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4. Saving the face of Chinese investment:

Although only 2% of Chinese trade is with India, Chinese companies would like to invest in India. They have already invested in several Indian companies. Among other states, Gujarat has been in the forefront in wooing Chinese investment. Freezing the pipeline affects both Chinese investors and their Indian partners, who are naturally hit harder. Modi supporters may therefore argue that by giving China a escape route, the Indian Prime Minister is keeping both Chinese investors and Indian enterprises happy.

5. Saving the face of the IT Cell and TV channels: It can also be argued that by claiming there has been no intrusion, the Prime Minister has saved the face of BJP’s IT Cell and the TV channels, who would otherwise have found it difficult to defend the government. So he said what he said to keep their morale high.

6. Saving his own face: The Prime Minister was all fire and brimstone after the IAF’s strike in Balakot last year. To take revenge was in his nature (Badla lena meri fitrat hai), he had declared. He had boasted that he had no patience while dealing with terrorists and enemies. ‘Mai andar ghus ke maarta hoon’ ( I go into enemy’s home turf to settle scores), he had then said. After the clash in Galwan Valley, in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed and 10 were held hostage, the Indian Prime Minister would have been expected to roll his sleeves and swear revenge. But by denying any intrusion and loss of territory, he was saving his own face.

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