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Pakistan copies India, Pakistani citizens call for buying ‘Made in Pakistan’ products amidst economic and political crisis – OpIndia

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Our neighbouring country Pakistan which grapples with multiple problems including an unprecedented economic crisis accelerated by Chinese coronavirus outbreak, has now given a call for ‘buying locally produced’ goods. Thankfully, no one has publicly urged the Pakistani administration to train more homegrown terrorists, a product the country aces in.

The call to buy ‘Made in Pakistan’ products gained momentum after Pakistan’s science and technology minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain announced that Pakistan has successfully manufactured 8-10 ventilators and is now looking at increasing manufacturing output such that soon enough Pakistan will export ventilators too.

Enthused by the achievement, Pakistani netizens took to Twitter to give a call to buy local products to boost their economy.

In fact, it seems like Pakistani government has also officially asked its citizens to buy more locally produced goods.

Recently, Pakistan even claimed that it has exported ‘Made in Pakistan’ microwave ovens.

Imran Khan supporters also claimed on Twitter that buying locally produced goods will help strengthen Pakistan’s economy.

Amusingly, a Pakistani news channel in the parody nation reported hike in petrol prices as an ‘achievement’ of the Imran Khan government.

The news anchor can be heard saying that all the worries vanished after petrol price hike as ‘petrol had disappeared when it was cheaper’. Price of petrol in Pakistan went from Pakistani Rs 74.52 to Rs 100.10 per litre, an increase of Rs 25.58 per litre. Price of diesel rose from Rs 80.15 to Rs 101.46 per litre, an increase of Rs 21.31 per litre.

Pakistan crisis

These tweets and support for Imran Khan came pouring at a time Khan’s government is on the verge of a collapse amid economic crisis which got worse owing to Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Pakistani ministers and and cabinet members don’t really see eye to eye on several issues. Khan has been accused of breaking his election promises and doing exactly what he had promised to fight at one point in time. After promising to serve the people and not the Pakistani army, Khan replaced all civilians in his government with Army generals and even used relief money to pay his bills.

Recently, Khan also drew flak for feasting on 135 traditional dishes during his visit to Larkana in North-west Sindh where he had gone to review hospitals situation. Amid crippling economic crisis, Khan had an entourage of 37 protocol vehicles. Further, PTI-led coalition ally Balochistan National Party has decided to part ways as Khan government failed to implement accords and breaking of promises to Balochistan people. Khan’s government has 184 seats in the national assembly and with Balochistan National Party withdrawing support, he will be left with 180 members. Khan needs 172 seats to hold on to power.

However, undeterred by the troubles bubbling within, Imran Khan is still dreaming of Pakistan emerging as the next big superpower.

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