Home Army Technology Pakistan Army Abandons Border Post As Massive Protests Erupts In Balochistan – Indian News Agency – EurAsian Times

Pakistan Army Abandons Border Post As Massive Protests Erupts In Balochistan – Indian News Agency – EurAsian Times

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China has accused Australia of escalating the conflict and “waging an intensifying espionage offensive against China”. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that Australia is sending agents to China to spy, gather intelligence, recruit assets and instigating defection among Chinese nationals. 

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“They have long crossed the line. They owe an honest answer to the Chinese people and the international community,” he said. According to the GT story, an anonymous source stated that multiple Australian espionage cases uncovered by Chinese law-enforcement agencies showed that Australia is a veteran in spying against other countries and precisely “the thief who is crying stop the thief” as it steps up infiltration, spying and technological theft operations against China.

The report published photos of “spy tools” including a compass, a USB flash drive, a notebook, a mask, gloves and a map of Shanghai, said to have been confiscated from arrested Australian agents.

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The report further stated that Australia had installed wiretaps in the Chinese Embassy. “Australian security intelligence agencies used the construction of a new Chinese Embassy as a chance to deploy different types of covert listening devices, including seismic wiretaps and high and low-frequency electromagnetic induction devices all over the embassy,” said the anonymous source.

Responding to this a spokeswoman for Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told the Guardian: “Australia’s intelligence and security agencies are committed to protecting our national security, including the important work of countering the serious threat of foreign interference.”

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As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, China was miffed at the leaked Five Eyes dossier and blames the Australian media of raising the conflict by promulgating the “unverified” Five Eyes intelligence dossier which claimed that Beijing withheld information on the initial spread of COVID-19.

Lijian criticised the Five Eyes intelligence alliance which consists of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, accusing it of cyber espionage, spying and surveillance on foreign governments, companies and individuals in violation of international law and basic norms for international relations.

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“This is not a secret to anyone. And Australia, an important member of the Five Eyes, has been a fervent intelligence gatherer in relevant countries,” he said. 

“In contrast, irrefutable evidence abound to prove Australia’s operation of spying activities in China. They steal information and data from other countries, jeopardizing others’ sovereignty and security. But they play the part of the victim, peddling rumours and stoking confrontation by staging a farce of the thief crying “stop thief”, Lijian added.

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The GT report also mentioned the Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane whose house was raided by the Australian federal police – as part of a joint investigation with the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) “searching for evidence to support allegations of a Chinese government plot to influence a serving politician”.

The report concluded with calling Australia as a typical “Indo Pacific nation” that wants to use US President Donald Trump and his Indo Pacific strategy to cosy up the US and the other western nations against China.

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“This is why Australia is nervous, panicking and self-contradicting when dealing with China. In recent years, due to the impact of ideological elements and the worsening of China-US relations, the anti-China conservative forces are becoming increasingly influential in misguiding China-Australia relations,’ it stated.

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