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World War 3 : India would face ‘humiliating defeat’ if war broke claims Pakistani leader – Daily Express

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Tensions between the two nations have escalated over recent weeks after Pakistan reportedly violated their Line of Control ceasefire in the India-administrated Kashmir. Over the years New Delhi and Islamabad have fought deadly conflicts over the region.

But now, Islamabad has vowed to militarily respond to unlawful actions from the Narendra Modi regime.

President of the Pakistani controlled Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan said: “India is bound to face the humiliating defeat at the hands of Pakistan in a conventional war.

“Today, we are observing Martyrs Day when the BJP-RSS regime of India has imposed a ban on the commemoration of this day across IOJ&K to stifle the voice of the people.

“Today, we are marking the Kashmir Martyrs’ Day in the most tragic circumstances… the occupation authorities have cancelled the commemoration of this day in Srinagar and the entire occupied territory.

“We strongly condemn this decision by New Delhi to muzzle the voices of Kashmiris.”

Mr Khan claimed India plans to eliminate the Muslim identity of the region and has imposed the black domicile laws.

He urged people to support the struggle of Kashmiri people and to dismantle the Indian reign.

He said: “Kashmiri people have kept their eyes on the world parliaments, civil societies and the United Nations, hence, the international community instead of offering mere lip service should take concrete steps in order to defuse the volcanic situation prevailing in Kashmir.”

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During the video conference, Mr Khan addressed the UK and European MPs and thanked them for supporting the Kashmiri people’s human rights.

He continued: “The settlement of non-state subjects of India in the disputed territory is the violation of not only the Fourth Geneva Convention and the established international laws, but the new laws enacted by India on the pattern of Nuremberg laws of Nazi Germany, art considered war crimes.”

The strained relationship between India and Pakistan was heightened last month after at least four civilians were killed by Indian shelling inside Pakistan-administers Kashmir, Aljazeera reported.

Three people were killed in the Nakyal region, while the fourth person died after a shell hit her home in Baghsar.

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Pakistan’s military press wing said in a brief statement on Twitter: “Indian Army troops initiated unprovoked [ceasefire violations] in Nakyal and Bagsar Sectors along LoC targeting civ[ilian] population.”

Meanwhile, Nasrullah Khan told Al Jazeera by telephone: “Three people died at the spot, and they have just been buried.

“There was a single shell, and the three boys, who were cousins, were all standing together.”

It is believed this conflict began as two Indian officials went missing in Islamabad.

Last year, the two countries engaged in cross-border strikes after India accused Pakistan of harbouring insurgents responsible for a suicide attack.

Pakistan continues to deny the charges.

After Mr Modi reshaped the Indian constitution in August and asserted federal rule over Kashmir and Ladakh, tensions escalated.

Both Pakistan and China condemned the move with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan warning the security and human rights implications at the time could bring the two nuclear-armed rivals to war.

Pakistan recently signed to be part of China’s One Belt, One Road policy, strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka – all who border India – also joined the initiative.

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