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Senior Kashmiri leader slams concentration camp-type treatment of Uyghurs – Economic Times

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NEW DELHI: A prominent political leader from Jammu and Kashmir M Hashim Qureshi, Chairman of J-K Democratic Liberation Party, has pulled up China for its concentration camp-type treatment against Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang region.

In an article in The Kashmir Magazine, Qureshi writes China’s activity in Eastern Ladakhis part of its “big expansionist designs”.

“China’s expansionist activity in Eastern Ladakhis part of her big expansionist designs. What is the quantum of freedom allowed to the Muslims and Christians in China is known to the entire world?” he noted. “One cannot help express surprise on this type of mentality. Instead of defending our land against division…we have always volunteered to accept the yoke of slavery of a powerful neighbour,” he said.

Qureshi pointed out that Uyghurs are forcibly put in concentration camps in Xinjiang. “Muslim officials are not allowed to grow beards of offer prayers. Mosques cannot raise tall minarets. Under these circumstances, we should mourn the mentality of those who consider Chinese incursion into India a moment of hilarity for them because they are enemies of India.”

There are growing allegations that ISI is also mistreating the leaders from Kashmir whom they once mentored. “The recent developments within Pakistan’s spy agency or Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) with regard to Kashmir policy, especially its approach to the Separatist camp, has instilled fear within the leaders. Separatist leaders from both parts of Kashmir are clueless as to why their mentors are taking a different course to the earlier stated policy and have apparently left them in a lurch. This has made them rethink if it was prudent to heavily depend upon Pakistan for some kind of save as they were answerable to the Kashmiris, whom they claim they represent,” according to a recently published article in The Singapore Post.

“The results for the past three decades have been dismal as it has led them nowhere except death and destruction. After using them during three decades long militancy, the Pakistan Generals have made them realize that they were mere pawns in the nefarious game played by Pakistan against India without caring for Kashmiris’ interests,” the Post claimed in its piece.

“In the past, a few leaders amongst this group have, in private, acknowledged that Pakistan had the potential to upset their plans, but they did not expect it would come so soon and as a rude shock. Although their rational thinking alerted them about the recorded history of Pakistan betrayals, yet they got carried away by the slogans of ‘Azadi’ (freedom) and ‘self-determination’. Now, at this juncture they are desperately struggling having reached a point of no return.”

“The posturing of ISI post August 5, 2019 has changed drastically. It had tremendous hopes that both the factions of Hurriyat would act swiftly in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere when the special status of the valley was revoked by the Indian government; that people would go for incessant protests and the youth would engage the Indian security forces, bringing normal life to stand-still. But nothing of the sort happened. Pakistan through its other proxies also did not succeed in any such attempt. It was rapidly losing both the turf and trust of Kashmiris,” according to the article.

“The sheer frustration of Pakistan unfolded during the month of June when it first targeted Syed Ali Shah Geelani…Pakistan and the ISI were frequently changing their stance towards the APHC and bringing new people to the fore. Bringing new people would mean that they would act as puppets in the hands of Pakistan and act only towards implementing Pakistan’s plans across LoC without watching larger Kashmiri interests for which the so-called ‘movement’ was raised during 1990’s.”

Meanwhile the US administration has announced it will sanction the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), a paramilitary organization in Xinjiang which is allegedly undertaking a cultural and demographic genocide against Uyghurs.

This could hurt XPCC as it controls the economy in Xinjiang and therefore its designs.

The Trump administration also want to sanction two Chinese Communist Party officials affiliated with the XPCC, according to a press release from the Department of Treasury.

“As previously stated, the United States is committed to using the full breadth of its financial powers to hold human rights abusers accountable in Xinjiang and across the world,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced, “We call on the world to join us in condemning the CCP’s heinous abuse of the human rights of its own citizens.”

The sanctions fall under the Global Magnitsky Act.

The XPCC has dominated Xinjiang’s economy and politics for decades. The XPCC is involved in the production of one-third of China’s cotton, and in 2014, XPCC-controlled interests comprised 17% of Xinjiang’s economy.

The Xinjiang government claims that the XPCC is playing “crucial roles in fighting terrorism and maintaining stability”.

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