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China urges Pakistan to declare certain groups in country as terrorists – WION

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China has urged Pakistan to take action against two groups and declare them terrorists. This has put Imran Khan in a bit of a bother.

There are two groups in Pakistan which have come together share a common purpose. Attacking Chinese investments in Pakistan. Their alliance was announced on July 25.

A consortium of four Baloch organizations announced that they are tying up with the Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army or the S.R.A. This consortium is called the Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar.

The S.R.A. is a little-known group operating in the southeastern Sindh province.

This new alliance has issued a statement. It says China wants to subjugate Sindh and Balochistan through CPEC. 

The new alliance has members like the BLA or the Balochistan Liberation Army. It is the group that is well known for targeting the Chinese in Pakistan. It was behind the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange in June.

The B.L.A. opposes Chinese investments in Balochistan and it represents a push back against CPEC.

The group was formed in the year 2000. It began attacking Pakistan’s security forces. More recently, it has begun targeting Chinese establishments in Pakistan.

In 2018, it attacked the Chinese consulate in Karachi.

A year later, a hotel backed by Chinese cash was targeted in Gwadar.

The attack on the stock exchange in Karachi was a direct hit on Chinese interests.

In January 2017, a consortium of Chinese firms acquired 40 per cent stake in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Two years later, the Pakistanis side signed a contract with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

This was for a new trading and surveillance program. A program that allows the stock exchange in Pakistan to link up with China’s international stock markets.

The Balochistan Liberation Army is hitting China where it hurts the most. It is gaining momentum. New groups joined it last year. Creating a larger Baloch alliance.

Now, this resistance movement is getting bigger. So, China wants it banned.

According to reports, Beijing wants Islamabad to move the UN Security Council.

It wants the B.L.A. to be listed as a global terrorist organisation.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has become bigger than Pakistan. China’s initial commitment was around 46 billion dollars. Now, China is investing well over 60 billion dollars on CPEC.

Other countries are joining the project. Last year, Saudi Arabia signed up to build an oil refinery in Gwadar. This is the reason why the Baloch movement bothers them.

The projects expand and security threats continue growing. And as security threat grows, Beijing’s bills are increasing. More violent attacks will force China to re-evaluate security plans and costs.

It could even impact project timelines and lead to delays.

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