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Dawood Ibrahim`s expose on Zee News: PM Imran Khan should answer on sheltering of India`s most wanted in Pa… – Zee News

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Imran Khan will find it difficult to strike-off accusations that India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim currently lives in Pakistan. Dawood is not bothered about showing pictures of his residence in Karachi, passport, and bank accounts details, but is upset over the Zee News expose of his relationship with Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat, according to sources. 

The DNA report will seek answers from Prime Minister Imran Khan to clarify Dawood’s presence in Pakistan, citing the clinching evidence. Here are five questions that Imran Khan should answer: 

1. If India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan, then whose CNIC number is made at his Karachi address? If Dawood is not present in Pakistan then how was this number issued in his name? Notably, every Pakistani citizen is issued a CNIC number like Aadhaar card in India. 

2. The Pakistan PM should answer about the house built in the Clifton area of ​​Karachi–D-13 Block 4, KDA, Scheme 5. Not only Dawood Ibrahim, but many other members of his family also live at this address. The CNIC numbers of Dawood’s wife, his son, and his daughters have also been issued at this address. If Dawood Ibrahim does not live in Pakistan then who lives in this house?

3. The passports shown by Zee News have been issued in Pakistan, and they also bear the Pakistan government’s seal and show the pictures of Dawood and his family. If Dawood is not in Pakistan, Imran Khan should respond to how did Dawood and his family get these passports?

4. If Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan then why did it not freeze the bank accounts of the underworld don and family in the cities of Pakistan?

5. PM Imran Khan should also answer that on whose recommendation did Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat get the civilian honour like Tamga-e-Imtiaz? If Mehwish is not being patronised by Dawood then how did a mediocre actress become a big name in Pakistan’s film industry overnight?.

Notably, the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) issued in the name of Dawood Ibrahim is not an ordinary number. The 13 digit CNIC number- 42301-27390 990-has decoded today. Its first five numbers indicate the address of a person.

When a CNIC number starts with 1 in Pakistan, it means the card is made at an address in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; number 2 indicates that the person is a resident of Federally Administered Tribal Areas; 3 means Punjab; 4 means Sindh; 5 means Balochistan; 6 means Islamabad; and 7 means Gilgit Baltistan.

The second digit shows the division of a person’s house in that province, the third digit shows the tehsil, the fourth digit shows the local union council, the fifth digit gives the home address of the person. 

The 7 digits, however, describes the family tree of the cardholder, and the last number shows if the cardholder is a male or a female. If the last number is odd, it means the CNIC holder is male, while the even last digit means it belongs to a woman.

When we searched the initial 5 Digits of Dawood Ibrahim’s CNIC number, it took us to the Clifton area of ​​Karachi. We have already told you about Dawood’s family tree. Dawood’s last number on CNIC is 9 which is an Odd number, therefore, the card is issued in the name of a man.

Despite these details, the Imran Khan government has denied the presence of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan. 

India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is responsible for the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Bombay that killed 257 people, injuring more than 1400 people. After these serial bomb blasts, Dawood fled Pakistan from Dubai and made Karachi his new destination. 

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