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Pakistan publishes fakes speech at UNSC meeting that it didn’t attend, Indian mission at UN busts its lies – OpIndia

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On 24th August, the website of Pakistan mission to the United Nations posted a speech that was delivered by Munir Akram, the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. But now it has come to light that Pakistan faked the entire speech, as Pakistan was not even part of the meeting.

The lies of Pakistan were exposed by the Indian mission at the UN. In a tweet posted from its official handle, India at UN said that Pakistan has once again got caught saying lies.

The statement issued by India at UN says, “we have seen a statement put out by the Pakistan Mission to the UN, claiming that these remarks were made by the Permanent Representative of Pakistan at the UN Security Council. We fail to comprehend where exactly did the Permanent Representative of Pakistan make his statement since the Security Council Session today was not open to non-members of the Security Council.”

The statement uploaded on the website of Pakistani Mission to UN has the title: Statement by Ambassador Munir Akram, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, at the Open Debate of the Security Council on the Report of the Secretary-General on the Threats to International Peace and Security posed by Terrorism Actions (24 August 2020). The entire statement is about India, where it accuses India of sending terrorists to Pakistan, and also of harassing Muslims and Christians in India.

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The virtual meeting was live-streamed on the UN Web TV, and a glimpse of the footage makes it clear that Pakistan was not part of the meeting. In the web stream, representatives from United States, United Kingdom, China, France, Russian Federation, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, Tunisia, and Vietnam are seen participating in the meeting, apart from 3 officials of the UNSC. All these countries are the current members of the UNSC, the first give being the permanent members.

Pakistan is currently not a member, while India has been elected as a non-permanent for the next term. Therefore, the question of Pakistani repetitive making the statement at the UNSC meeting does not arise, which means Pakistan faked the speech.

Screenshot of virtual meeting by UNSC members on terrorism

Even though the speech was not made at the UNSC by the Pakistani representative, India at UN still busted five lies contained in the speech published by Pakistan. India has pointed out that Pakistan’s claims of being a target of cross-border terrorism is lie, as it is the biggest sponsor of cross-border terrorism against India. India also notes that Pakistan is the home to largest number of terrorists banned by the UN. Secondly, the claim that Pakistan has decimated Al Qaeda from the region is also a lie. The third lie is Pakistan’s ‘laughable claim that India has hired terrorist as mercenaries to hit them.’

The fourth lie of Pakistan pointed out by India is that there are Indians in 1267 sanctions list of the UN. India says that the 1267 sanctions list is public, and the world can see none of the individuals mentioned by Pakistan are in the list. In the ‘speech’, Pakistan had said that they have submitted the names of Angara Appaji, Gobinda Patnaik, Ajoy Mistry and Venumadhav Dongra for inclusion in the list.

The fifth Pakistani lie countered by India is their ‘ridiculous assertions about internal affairs in India.’ In the ‘speech’, Pakistan had alleged that “BJP rulers have arbitrarily stripped two million Muslims and Christians in Assam of their Indian nationality.” They have also alleged BJP and RSS of spreading “Hindutva terrorism”. To all this, India reminds that the minority population has dropped drastically from 1947, and today it is just about 3%.

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