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Indian Army begins the review process of samples of the new uniforms – The New Indian Express

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DELHI: Moving one step ahead with its plan to change the uniforms, the Army has started the process of sample testing keeping an eye on comfort and operational efficiency.

Confirming the process an Army officer said, “The samples review of the uniforms is going on keeping all the parameters and standards in mind.”

The idea was set in motion last year with a plan to utilise the advent of new technologies in textile and fabric which will not only make uniforms look good and be comfortable in varying temperatures and humid locations but would also be able to bear the needs of soldiers serving in rough conditions.

The changes planned encompass the whole array of uniforms assigned to the soldiers as per various occasions.

“We have got the samples of all uniforms including Summer Dress, winter dress (Angola and Jersy), Mess Dress, Blue Patrol, White Patrol and Combat Uniform”

The Indian Army uses nine types of uniforms which can be divided into winter and summer uniforms. These are also divided into the combat uniform, peacetime uniform, mess uniform and ceremonial uniform. The ceremonial uniform also has three types.

Another idea, as told by the officers, is to bring uniformity in appearance of officers of the various regiments, corps and service at the rank of brigadier and above.

“The uniformity is being planned into the belt, shoulder badges, lanyard and Caps”, said the officer.

The officers can be distinguished observing their uniforms so the plan is to introduce a uniform look with a plan to keep a single colour waist band/belt and army crest. Something similar is thought of the lanyard and the rank badges.

This means that all Brigadier-rank officers and above will sport the same beret, cap, shoulder badge, lanyard and belt.

But, the former officers believe that it is an idea which needs due diligence as uniform of army is like the second skin and have been a major reason for people getting attracted and joining the services.

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