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Nawaz Sharif's confession, 'Babar' made by stealing US missile technology – Pledge Times

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These days the political battle between Prime Minister Imran Khan and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is at a peak in Pakistan. During this time, Nawaz Sharif is also making sharp statements against the Pakistani army rulers and the Imran government. Recently, when Imran Khan surrounded Nawaz Sharif on the remarks made about the army, he exposed the Pakistani missile program from London.

Nawaz said – did a lot for Pak army
Nawaz Sharif said in London that I am proud of the soldiers of the Pakistan Army who are martyred for the country. The army officer and military personnel go to the borders and fight. Salutations to Nawaz Sharif to those who are martyred or ghazi for Pakistan. But there are some people who are causing profanity. The real army is what I too have done a lot for the army during my prime minister’s tenure. These are all the missiles that you have right now, I got half the missile prepared by Mashaallah with the help of Allah.

American missile theft story for Babur
This Tomahawk was also built by Mashaallah Nawaz Sharif, who also brought us from Balochistan when Clinton fired rockets on Afghanistan and dropped missiles. One proved (without tearing), we brought him, he got backin engineering and we made it. We do not have a small mind. We are sorry that we have done this.

Pakistani army afraid of Nawaz Sharif? Imran Khan bans speaking

… then I would have sacked the army chief: Imran Khan
Pakistan’s private news channel Sama TV said in an interview that if Kargil war had happened without telling me, I would have sacked the army chief immediately. If he had asked to resign later, I would have sacked the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief. Imran made the remarks after Nawaz Sharif’s alleged statement that in 2014, when Imran Khan had besieged Islamabad, the ISI chief had asked Sharif to step down.

India helping Nawaz Sharif to weaken Pakistan’s army: Imran Khan

Pak army has kept the country united
Imran Khan said that the Pakistani Army is keeping the country united and Nawaz Sharif is continuously attacking the country’s military establishment. Look at Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. The entire Muslim world is embroiled in conflict. Why are we safe? If we did not have such a good army, our country would have been divided into three parts by now.


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