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Foundation Assets and Grant Making Rebounded Fully After a Crushing Spring – The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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Struggling under crushing demand during the pandemic, food banks will likely be at least 6 billion to 8 billion meals short in the next 12 months. Food bank network Feeding America says the numbers could rise further as temporary federal relief programs expire. One of those food banks, in Boston, is handing out 2 million to 2.5 million pounds of food a week, more than double its pre-pandemic load. “We’re doing more in a month that we did in a year 20 years ago. Food insecurity has gone from 1 in 13 people to 1 in 8 in Eastern Massachusetts, even higher for families with children,” said Catherine D’Amato, Greater Boston Food Bank’s president. One survey said food banks have seen an average 56 percent increase in demand, even as the organizations face challenges attracting enough volunteers and food. (Washington Post)

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is launching a $250 million project to study, erect, or move monuments and memorials across the country. The effort will also work to create memorials that don’t yet exist to build reminders about the contributions of people who rarely get attention. The foundation notes that very few of the historic sites on the National Historic Register are about African Americans, Latinx, Asian American, or Native American people. The project’s first grant, $4 million, will go to Monument Lab, “a public art and history studio” in Philadelphia. (Associated Press)

The Baltimore Museum of Art will sell Andy Warhol’s iconic “Last Supper” and paintings by two other artists to raise $65 million. The proceeds of the sale will fund staff raises, acquisitions, and diversity and equity programs. Christopher Bedford, the museum’s director, said the institution’s finances are sound, but the sale will help it address systemic racism and injustice “with determination.” Two former museum curators, one of whom acquired the Warhol painting, oppose the sale, with one pointing out that making Warhol, “a queer artist in the late 1980s and early ’90s,” the central figure of the museum’s contemporary art collection had taken courage. (Washington Post)

More News

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Opinion and Analysis

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About Arts and Culture

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  • Los Angeles’s Largest Nonprofit Theater, Facing Yearlong Closure, Creates a Digital Stage (Los Angeles Times)

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