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India Must Watch Out for Pakistan Army’s Response to Politics – The Quint

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Pakistan Army Will Respond Sooner Than Later

Imran Khan has taken on Nawaz Sharif. He has accused him of playing into the hands of Pakistan’s enemies. He has of course specifically named India in this context but has latterly also referred to Israel as benefitting from Sharif’s actions. The army has remained largely quiet till now letting Khan take the lead in combatting the PDM.

There are suspicions, though, that the army, or a section of it, has signalled its intent through the action taken against Maryam Nawaz’s husband Captain Safdar in Karachi after the rally. The hotel room Safdar and Maryam were staying in Karachi was broken into by the Sindh police and other security forces at night and Safdar was taken into custody on the charge of illegal actions at Jinnah’s mazar in Karachi.

While the intrusion of a lady’s privacy was deeply offensive, the real story was the virtual abduction of the head of the Sindh police at night from his residence by the federal forces. He was taken to an office and put under pressure to sign orders for Safdar’s arrest. Naturally, the incident has caused a furore and Bajwa was forced to order an enquiry.

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