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Cold War 2.0: Security of India and Indians has now been pawned to the Americans – National Herald

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The RSS believes in a Hindu-Christian-Jewish global alliance to contain the rise of an Islamic power block. The Jewish state of Israel is already one of the key pivots of our foreign and strategic policies. India has never been so close to Israel as it has been in the past six years. Events like ‘Namaste Trump’ were clear indications that public opinion was being prepared to sign a formal treaty with the US to seal a Hindu-Christian-Jewish alliance. And the BECA has formalised that Sangh dream in foreign affairs.

Strategically speaking too, the Chinese incursion inside Ladakh and the PLA move to capture the Galwan valley limited Narendra Modi’s military options. Modi thrives on hard core nationalism. Losing Indian territory to the Chinese army will be a permanent blot on his political career. He would like to recover the lost territory and hard sell it for electoral gains as he did in 2019 with Pakistan.

All military experts agree that it is not feasible for the Indian Army alone to get even with the PLA. Besides, the threat of Pakistan joining China for a two-front war is a serious possibility. India may not officially declare that it is at a military disadvantage with China. But it is the grim reality. But how reliable is an American partnership? The history of American military partnershipsshow that they have not proved beneficial for many of its allies in the past. Pakistan, which from the 1950s till quite recently put all its eggs in the American basket, learnt the hard way that the Pentagon has no permanent use of its junior allies. Even NATO is not secure as President Trump keeps complaining that Europe does not pay enough for security safeguards.

Pakistan had CEATO and SENTO pacts with America and was America’s major ally in the war against terror. It fought the American proxy war against the Soviet Union inside Afghanistan. Yet neither democracy flourished in Pakistan nor did Pakistani people gain from the American alliance. Pakistan military did get a few crumbs. Yet America turned its back on it when the Indian Army split Pakistan into two in 1971.

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