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Imran Khan rants about Islamophobia as Pakistan crumbles – Economic Times

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Imran Khan is possibly the worst Prime Minister Pakistan has ever had. For months on end now prices of sugar, wheat vegetables and medicines have soared in Pakistan; Covid is rampant but there is little testing and few labs. Prices of electricity are soaring; the Pakistani Rupee is sliding against the dollar and all Imran does is put journalists in jail; kill dissent; and rage against the opposition calling them all traitors and locking them up without any charges. The rule of law does not exist in Imran’s Pakistan. But Islamophobia does.

The hypocrisy of Imran’s rant is so desperate that even while Europe took in million of Muslim migrants, he now terms the west Islamophobic, whereas, China, a country that thinks Islam is a mental disease, gets a free ride. Fawad Choudhry, Pakistan’s minister for Science and Technology actually said with a straight face that the Uighurs in China were better off than Muslims in India on an Indian TV interview. This is how blatantly they can lie.

Imran’s desperate tweets to French President Macron after three terror attacks was that he was against Muslims. All Macron said after the horrible beheading of a school teacher was that Islam was in crises and that the French would unite against radical Islamist terror and go after the perpetrators. Any country would do no less.

Perhaps it is time Imran and his army look at how real Islamophobia is in Pakistan where the Baloch, who are Muslim are killed, disappeared, raped and brutally treated for years, as are the Pashtuns; The Muhajirs; the people of Gilgit Baltistan; the Shias and the Ahmadis. They are Muslims living in an Islamic state and are treated as bad as Kaffirs.

The renowned Economist from the US, Atif Mian, who Imran had tried to bring into his cabinet, but was summarily made to go back because the Clerics in Pakistan said he was an Ahmadi and therefore not a Muslim and could not advise the government, was according to me, the height of Islamophobia. Recently, he was invited by some students to give a lecture via Zoom in a college in Karachi but that again was cancelled because of acute Islamophobia. In Fact, Pakistanis make up a good part of the migrants fleeing to Europe. But Imran has made it difficult for them. The Pakistani Foreign Office said that 183 visas for France by Pakistanis have just been cancelled. It has also been reported that France will be deporting Pakistanis who may have applied for asylum there.

Should we not also talk about Pakistan’s phobia for minorities: thousands of young Hindus, Christian and Sikh girls are routinely kidnapped, raped and converted to Islam and married off to 40- year- old men as their second or third wives? Not a word from Imran; No action is taken against the perpetrators, no justice for their families. A self -styled preacher called Miya Mithu, who is very close to politicians, has been one of the perpetrators of such violence and has been written and talked about in Pakistani media, but continues his kidnapping and converting business, with impunity. Recently a temple was demolished but no one has been caught. It happens so routinely to temples and churches that it does not even make it into mainstream news anymore.

Even the advertisement for jobs for sewer cleaners and sanitation workers have a caveat in Pakistan—not for Muslims. Thus, the minority are meant to be fit for only one job cleaning filth and excreta.

In Imran’s Pakistan there is only justice for the establishment and his party. Vile Preachers spewing hate against unbelievers and the west are never condemned. One preacher Khadim Rizvi went so far as to demand that Imran should use Pakistan’s nukes against France.

Another viral video on Twitter from Pakistan actually sickened me, where there is an outdoor Madrassa for girls from very young to teenage all in Burkas and a few teachers also Burka clad have a scarecrow of Macron on stage. One of the teacher’s holds a large sword in her hand and decapitates the head of the model meant to be the Prime Minister of France. I had to see it a few times to actually believe it. No wonder Pakistan’s biggest export is terror!

And Imran Khan actually has the gall to say the world suffers from Islamophobia. Who wouldn’t with the kind of brainwashing that is going on in Pakistan from birth to death? What kind of youth is he creating and allowing to be instructed in the worst kind of horrors? Is it any wonder that Pakistan’s passport ranks as low as Somalia’s?

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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