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World War 3: Russia FURY as China and Pakistan ‘ally against India’ in military standoff – Daily Express

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In June 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a border clash with their Chinese counterparts in Eastern Ladakh. Now Moscow has accused the United States of trying to draw India away from Russia, a traditional ally.

Mr Lavrov commented: “India is a matter of persistent, aggressive devious Western policy which tries to draw the country into anti-Chinese games, promoting so-called Indo-Pacific strategies.

“At the same time, [western policy aims to] weaken our close partnership, strategic, privileged relations with Indians.

“There is a very tough pressure undertaken by Americans on New Delhi, concerning [Indian] military technical cooperation [with Russia].”

The foreign minister added India is a “clear pole” in world politics and accused the US of attempting to maintain a “unipolar” world order under its direction.

India is also engaged in a decades long border dispute with Pakistan over control of Kashmir.

There have been a number of deadly clashes over the past couple of years and on November 13 11 Indians and six Pakistanis were killed when the two nations exchanged shelling.

Relations between China and Pakistan have become increasingly close in recent months with the two nations conducting joint air force training exercises.

The Chinese defence ministry said these are designed to “deepen practical cooperation between the two air forces”.

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This year it hosted the Malabar 2020 naval exercise with the US, Japan and Australia.

The four countries cooperate through the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue aimed at protecting regional democracy from China’s growing strength.

The June border clash was the deadliest between India and China for several decades.

The two nations fought a brief war over their disputed territory in 1962 which left thousands dead.

As firearms are banned close to the border the two sides fought with melee weapons including iron bars and clubs wrapped in spikes.

Many of the Indian dead either drowned or died of exposure after being injured.

Chinese casualties were also reported but the exact number has not been confirmed by Beijing.

In recent years China has invested $70bn (£52.4bn) into infrastructure in Pakistan as part of its ‘Belt and Roads initiative’.

Much of this money has been spent in Gilgit-Baltistan, a Pakistani controlled territory also claimed by India which helps link China to the Arabian Sea.

Recently Pakistan declared Gilgit-Baltistan to be its fifth province infuriating Beijing.

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