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Afghanistan calls out Pakistan on Taliban presence, says it will challenge peace – Republic World

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Following the emergence of a video showing Taliban deputy leader Abdul Ghani Baradar addressing some members of the militant group in Karachi, Afghanistan Foreign Ministry on December 25 said that ‘Taliban presence in Pakistan will challenge Afghan peace’. In a statement, Afghanistan also said that the presence of the insurgent group is a “clear violation of Afghanistan’s national sovereignty” and it will further be the reason of instability in the war-torn country as well as the peace process. 

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Afghanistan also called on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government to prevent insurgents from using Islamabad against Kabul and ceasing “terrorist sanctuaries”. Afghanistan Foreign Ministry also noted that Pakistan had pledged to employ its means to reduce the violence and establish a ceasefire. Even though Kabul expressed gratitude for the same, but said with that with “deepest regret and concern” the Taliban leaders were spotted alongside Pakistani officials. 

Afghan Foreign Ministry said, “The overt presence and activities of Afghan insurgent elements and their leaders in Pakistani territory clearly violate Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and continue to cause crisis and instability in the region, posing a serious challenge to achieving sustainable peace in Afghanistan. We urge the Pakistani government not to allow its territory to be used by insurgents and elements who insist on continuing the war and bloodshed,” it added.

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Afghanistan called for cooperation from Pakistan

Afghanistan also urged Pakistan to not allow its territory to be used by “insurgents and elements who insist on continuing the war and bloodshed”. According to the statement, the Afghan government considers the closure of “terrorist sanctuaries” along with the cessation of their activities essential for peace to prevail in the country that is rocked with instability. The Afghan Foreign Ministry “once again” called for the continuation of cooperation and fight against terrorism.

“The Government of Afghanistan considers the closure of insurgent and terrorist sanctuaries and the cessation of their activities vital for the peaceful resolution of the Afghan crisis and ensuring regional peace and stability. Afghanistan calls once again for the continuation of sincere cooperation and genuine fight against terrorism and common threats,” it said.

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