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Pro-independence rally in Pakistan sees posters of Indian PM Modi – WION

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Pro-independence protest rally in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province on Sunday saw Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s posters.

The protests were part of a rally to mark the birth anniversary of GM Syed, a vocal proponent of Sindhudesh or a separate country for the province.

The protest rally had pictures of other world leaders as well, including US President-Elect Joe Biden, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani, Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina, France’s Marcon, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German chancellor Angela Merkel, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, British PM Boris Johnson. The posters mentioned, “Sindh wants freedom from Pakistan”.

Sindhudesh freedom movement’s posters were also seen. The rally by Jiye Sindh Mutahida Mahaz took place in Sann, located in Jamshoro District, Sindh Province. Sann is the birthplace of GM Syed.

Sunday marked the 117th birth anniversary of SM Syed, who is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern Sindhi nationalism.

Among many ideas and ideologies, he was inspired by India’s father of the nation Gandhi. He was the first political prisoner after the creation of Pakistan and spent around 30 years in jail in the country.  

Pakistan, formed after the partitioning of India in 1947 has had a number of separatist movements. These include a major one in the largest province of Baluchistan, Sindhudesh in Sindh, and also calls to form a separate homeland for Muhajirs, for people who left India for Pakistan.

1971 saw the country losing its eastern flank leading to the formation of Bangladesh. This year Bangladesh celebrates the 50th year of its independence.

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