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Pakistan Zindabad: 11-hour police ordeal for family, friends over a game – The Indian Express

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TWO men were detained and questioned for eight hours through Saturday-Sunday night and three women for at least three hours Sunday morning by the Delhi Police — all because they were heard saying “Pakistan Zindabad” as part of a cycling game near Khan Market Metro station late Saturday night.

Their ordeal, that started at 1 am on Sunday, ended only by noon with the police admitting that “Pakistan Zindabad” was said in a “lighter vein”, and no case was made out.

Ahead of Republic Day, police said, they were on “high alert” when they received a call around 1 am about a “group shouting slogans, praising Pakistan”.

An enquiry officer was sent to the spot. “Two families (one from Delhi, the other from Gurugram) along with their child had come to India Gate Saturday night. They had rented Yulu bikes they were racing, and they had named each other after countries like India, Pakistan, Japan and Australia. They were cheering each other on by shouting these names when some locals heard them shout, ‘Pakistan zindabad’,” said Eish Singhal, DCP (New Delhi and PRO).

During interrogation at the Tughlaq Road police station, police found the family had “named” the 14-year-old boy “Pakistan” during the game.

“When the boy was slow, others, which included his parents, shouted ‘Pakistan haar gaya… peechhe reh gaya,’ and when the boy started speeding, they cheered him with ‘Pakistan Zindabad’,” said the officer.

The two men in the group – one of them is the boy’s father — were detained by the police for eight hours, before being allowed to leave at around 9 am Sunday.

The three women and the child were also taken to the police station at night but allowed to go home. The women, including the child’s mother, were again called to the police station between 8 and 9 am and let go at noon.

Officials of the Special Cell and Intelligence Bureau were involved during questioning, said sources.

Singhal said, “They were cheering and said Pakistan zindabad in a lighter vein.”

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