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Are Pakistan & China Turning War-Torn Gwadar Into Another ‘Dubai’? – The Quint

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Gwadar Smart Port City’s ‘Master Plan’

A golf, shopping and investor’s paradise, ‘Gwadar Smart Port City’ is the key project under the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and will span over 300 sq kms. But if one looks at the plan, the local Baloch have no role in it at all.

The website also claims that: “Not a single piece of land is owned by the government”. True. But just look at who’s developing the projects and what they claim. Quoting randomly: “In the long-term, Gwadar’s population is set to exceed two million people. According to the new master plan, expatriate professionals will make up 80 percent of this population. These professionals will be attracted to Gwadar due to high paying jobs, a tax free environment, high-tech industries, mega shopping malls, and Pakistan’s largest international airport… Gwadar is set to become Pakistan’s first weapon and tax free city. With high expectations for Gwadar’s future in becoming a regional trade hub, a robust security environment will be developed to ensure security for foreigners, expats and locals in Gwadar. The security plans include CCTV, vehicle management, urban video and alarm networks, and police management programs….Pakistan’s first tax-free haven will see grand theatres, a university city, waterside shopping and leisure promenades, parks, beaches, five star hotels and a cruise ship port linking Muscat, Dubai, Doha, Bahrain and Jeddah.”

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