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At UNHRC, India counters Pak, Turkey & OIC on J&K remarks – Times of India

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India countered a three-pronged attack at the ongoing session of UN Human Rights Council on Jammu & Kashmir as it slammed remarks made separately by Pakistan, OIC and Turkey and reiterated that both Union Territories, J&K and Ladakh, are an integral and inalienable part of India.
Exercising its right of reply, India rejected the “factually incorrect and unwarranted” references by OIC, saying it regretted that OIC countries continued to allow Pakistan to misuse their platform to indulge in anti-India propaganda. On Turkey’s mention of Kashmir and UN resolutions, India said it’s ironical for a country which has “trampled upon its own civil society” to pass unjustified comments on other’s internal matters. It also asked Turkey to first follow what it preached by accepting the UN resolutions on, without naming it, the Cyprus dispute.
In a full-blown attack on Pakistan, the government response, as read out by diplomat Seema Pujani, that the recent acquittal of Omar Saeed Sheikh, the al-Qaeda terrorist and murderer of American journalist Daniel Pearl by the Pakistani Supreme Court, is a clear example of the Pakistani establishment’s nexus with such entities.
The government recalled that the US had described his release as “an affront to terrorism victims everywhere.” India also requested the council to call upon Pakistan to take credible steps to end state-sponsored terrorism and dismantle terrorist infrastructure within its territory. ‘Pakistan has been the home and patron to the largest number of internationally proscribed terrorist entities and individuals in the world.
As many as 126 individuals and 24 entities, sanctioned under the UN Security Council 1267 and 1988 Committees’ Lists, are associated with Pakistan. State-sponsored terrorism by Pakistan is a threat, not only to India but to other countries in the region and beyond,” said the Indian official.
Recalling violence perpetrated against minority communities in Pakistan, the government said that as a country with one of the world’s worst human rights records, Pakistan would do well to put its own house in order, before pointing a finger at India. “The violence, institutionalised discrimination and persecution faced by Pakistan’s minorities has continued unabated,” said the Indian official.

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