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China's military ramps up pressure on India with Pakistan alliance – Daily Express

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is looking to cement military ties with in a move to isolate India following the two countries recent bloody border clashes. Beijing’s military has long-held interests in the country which has been involved in a series of wars with over the disputed regions of Kashmir. Now, Indian security analyst, Professor Dinshaw Mistry has warned could in the launch attacks from ports and airbases within Pakistan during a potential future conflict.

Professor Mistry told Express.co.uk: “Chinese cooperation with Pakistan has clearly increased in the last decade or so.

“We see that in economic projects the Belt and Road had been substantially implemented in Pakistan.

“So the Gwadar Port is one, rail and road links between the Chinese border and the Arabian sea.

“Now the question is how will the Chinese military use it.”


He added: “So far these are entirely civilian commercial project if you will.

“The unknown is whether in the future would China’s military utilise the ports in Pakistan but also airbases in Kashmir.

“Would it use it in an ad-hoc basis, would it develop more permanent bases there, that is an unknown.

“But to the extent, it does intensify involvement in those infrastructure projects in Pakistan that will put more pressure on India to respond.”

Last year deadly fighting took place along the border between India and China when Indian soldiers were killed during hand-to-hand fighting with their Chinese counterparts in the disputed territory of Eastern Ladakh.

Professor Mistry insisted the 2020 fighting could have easily have sparked a larger war had the clashes threatened to engulf more sensitive areas along the border. 

Deadly fighting took place along the border between India and Pakistan.

On November 13 alone five soldiers and six civilians were killed on the Indian side and one soldier and five civilians on the Pakistani side.

India and Pakistan have already fought three wars over their disputed territory in Kashmir since independence.

Over the past few years China has invested $70bn (£52.4bn) into infrastructure in Pakistan as part of its ambitious ‘Belt and Roads initiative’.

This will see China invest in nearly 70 countries as part of its bid to control key trade routes and increase its political and economic power.

Gilgit-Baltistan plays a crucial part in the section of this scheme which runs across Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

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